Andy Squires

Technical Director

Andy Squires

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Starting my professional life as a printer I have always loved design and the media and it’s been no surprise that this is what I’ve made my career as well as my passion. I love to help people in their businesses wherever possible and in the last several years have been fortunate in meeting likeminded people who I’ve joined up with in different ways to create a varied and wonderful business network.

Having spent over 20 years developing websites from personal webpages to large international company web applications my skillset and passion is developing for the internet. Specific skills include bespoke web development, database and CMS development as well as SEO.

Since 2006 I have been increasingly involved in design, initially for websites, and this has now developed into running a successful design and digital media agency, Sync Creative, which caters for all manner of design and media where we are privileged to be working with some fantastic companies including Alzheimer’s Research UK and the Essex Wildlife Trust.

I always look for opportunities and have now partnered up with a team of experts to develop City business Life where my passion is shared with my colleagues and passed onto other companies through the business. This path has been brought about through networking which has been another passion of mine it has opened up many business opportunities and allowed me to meet and work with some great people.

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