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I went to work in a printing company at 16, two years before The Rolling Stones started performing. Their career has been slightly more unconventional than mine, but like them I am still rocking up to business gigs with a drug-induced sense of optimism! (Mine are prescription drugs, in case you were wondering).

My thing is helping business owners and enterprise leaders to think strategically. I love supporting entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders, in all sectors, as an objective observer and commentator. It’s not about bursting bubbles, more about making them stronger.

My day job for the last 15 years has been as a management consultant/business adviser. I am a director of Fernlea Business Support Limited. My co-director Andrew Speed and I share a fascination with strategic risk management and sustainability. There is a lot more to it than that, so if you can spare the time please view my LinkedIn profile or visit our web site for more information.

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I am excited and flattered to have been invited to join the talented team behind City Business Life. For someone whose introduction to printing and the media was with metal type and platen presses, social media is a reality that would once have been described as science fiction. Like all forms of science and technology, it brings huge benefits but also carries risks. We can harness the power of communication to bring people together and to stoke the fires of commerce and industry. Rock on!

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