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Aaron Savage

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are George and Aaron from Social 365, and we take care of the social media here at City Business Life.

We believe social media has become far too impersonal, with automated responses and robots now the norm. Social 365 was born with one simple objective in mind: to rekindle the relationship between businesses and their customers on a personal level. To achieve this, we have created the one stop shop for social media, offering a comprehensive range of services from managing the day to day running of your social media presence to consultancy and training, providing you with the knowledge and expertise you need to push your business forward.

In today’s tech savvy world, everyone is realising the potential of social media. However, this has led to social media becoming flooded with generic marketing fluff that serves no purpose than to clog up your news feed. We focus on what really matters, providing value! And is there really any better value you can provide than helping people build mutually beneficial long term relationships?

That is why we are part of the incredible team at City Business Life and why we cannot wait to engage with you on our social media platforms.

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