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Joining an advertising agency at the tender age of 18, I have (rather scarily) over 25 years’ experience in supporting businesses of all sizes from sole traders and SMEs to big high street brands through the power of the written word. Writing copy is my passion and I am privileged to have worked with some of the UK’s leading blue-chip companies along the way.

Chalking up an impressive group of clients over the years including British Gas, The NSPCC, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Grolsch, Staropramen, Budvar, Asahi, Cancer Research UK and GlaxoSmithKline to name but a few, I have worked in both corporate and agency settings and now run two of my own business.

I founded Wendy Jennings Creative (formally The Admin House) back in 2011 and ever since have been working on a freelance basis on a wide range of projects supporting businesses locally, nationally and internationally. Networking has played a huge part in the success of my business, allowing me to grow personally and professionally, forge strong relationships with my clients and meet some truly inspiring people.

If I had never networked, then I never would have been able to grow my business so well nor would I have met my business partner in City Business Life Ltd, Andy Squires, and created this innovative online business resource portal.

We are supported by an incredible team of industry leading professionals and finding likeminded people with amazing skill sets that complement our own is incredible; it means we can create opportunities that we never thought possible and reach out to a wider business community - and we hope that you, dear reader, will find some wonderful opportunities here too.

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